The Radiotherapy Image Computing group

Welcome to the Radiotherapy Image Computing Group (RTIC). At RTIC, we develop advanced image processing methodologies for radiotherapy applications. Our multidisciplinary team of experts in medical physics and computer science is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that improve the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of radiotherapy for cancer patients worldwide.

The Radiotherapy Image 
Computing group

Our Research Vision

Our group’s overarching research vision is to advance the field of radiotherapy treatment using medical image computing. We aim to achieve this by developing research specific software, fostering a multidisciplinary research environment and by keeping a clinical focus to all our problems.

State-of-the art methods

Our group is focused on developing and applying state-of-the art methods to solve challenging problems in radiotherapy image computing. We use a wide range of techniques, from image processing algorithms and statistical modelling to machine learning and deep learning.


Developing cutting-edge computational techniques: We are dedicated to creating innovative algorithms and computational models that address current challenges and push the boundaries of radiotherapy image computing.

Clinical focus

Collaborations with clinical partners: We work closely with clinicians to ensure our research translates into practical solutions that enhance the effectiveness and safety of radiotherapy for patients.

Research environment

Fostering a multidisciplinary research environment: We are committed to promoting a collaborative atmosphere where experts from various fields work together to solve complex problems in radiotherapy image computing.

If you share our vision, and would like to collaborate with us please get in touch.

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